Psychological Safety “Practice Masterclass” Workshop: 23 May 2022 [SOLD OUT]

Psychological Safety “Practice Masterclass” Workshop: 23 May 2022 [SOLD OUT]

Psychological Safety "Practice Masterclass" Workshop: 23 May 2022 [SOLD OUT]

This is a 2 hour workshop that includes the foundations of psychological safety theory and history, together with multiple interactive exercises & workshops and practices that you can use with your own teams or in your own workshops.

It's designed to be applicable to any industry, from technology to healthcare, local government to education.

Date: 23 May

Time is usually: 3pm UK (BST) time. (10:00 EDT, 7:00 PDT, 14:00 CET)

We cover the following aspects of psychological safety:

  • The history of psychological safety, theory, research and evidence.
  • The benefits and outcomes of increasing psychological safety in teams.
  • How to measure and build it in long and short-lived teams (and the dangers of measurement).
  • Multiple workshops and practices that you can run with your own teams or clients.
  • The structure and application of the Action Pack and how to use the tools and practices in it.
  • By the end of the course, attendees will have a good grounding in the concepts of psychological safety, as well as confidence in running interactive exercises and workshops focussed on psychological safety.

You'll retain access to the training materials from the session, and as part of the training, you will also receive a copy of the Psychological Safety Action Pack, and a licence to use it commercially.

Delivered online via Zoom, we will use a Google Jamboard to collaborate and learn together.

Prices are as below:

£50 if you are unwaged, live in a lower-income country, or work for a registered non-profit.

£150 if you are paying for this yourself as an individual.

£280 if your organisation is meeting the costs (whether it's your own business, claiming on expenses as an employee, or using a training budget).

If you need to cancel or postpone, simply do so 24 hours before the session for a full refund / postponement to a following session.

For further information, email

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion to confirm attendance.

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