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Scaling Psychological Safety

As a leader, or a member of a team, you’re probably pretty good at creating a psychologically safe environment where performance is high and people can flourish. Providing clarity of expectations, goals, team behaviours, and exhibiting generative leadership practices may be hard work, but it’s achievable. Building psychological safety in a team is one thing,…
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Psychological Safety Framework

Psychological safety is an emergent phenomenon: a property and state of a group that is felt (differently) by members of the group. For this reason, it’s a difficult (but worthwhile) concept to study, and many efforts have been made to codify and structure psychological safety in both conceptual and practical frameworks. There are multiple frameworks…
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Psychological Safety Team Exercise

The Psychological Safety Quadrant Workshop This is an example of a really powerful exercise to qualitatively measure psychological safety, team performance, and work collaboratively to increase both, via a workshop that can be carried out remotely or in-person. This is really effective for short-lived teams, who haven’t had, or won’t have, time to build and…
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Psychological Safety Presentation

I get asked a lot if I can help out with presentation content for internal training, talks or similar, so here is a slide deck for a psychological safety presentation that I’ve delivered a number of times and you’re welcome to use. Please attribute fairly. In addition to the slide decks below, the Psychological Safety…
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Measuring Psychological Safety

How to Measure Psychological Safety We know psychological safety is essential for high performance teams: it enables sharing of ideas, admitting and learning from mistakes, highlighting risks, and challenging (and improving) the way we do things. Psychological safety is the primary foundation for team performance as well as organisational agility and change. Innovation is so…
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Measure, Create and Maintain Psychological Safety with Workshops, Exercises, and Leadership Techniques

New and updated version 1.3 is now available, with extra content about transforming organisational culture, creating mentoring and coaching programs, and optimising for cognitive load. Workshops and Exercises Used by organisations all over the globe including Wholefoods Market, Ithaca, and Action for Good, this is a complete¬†Psychological Safety Action Pack¬†containing background information, a business case,…
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Is Your Team Psychologically Safe? Take This Quiz.

You already know that psychological safety is the key ingredient for high performing, effective, and happy teams. And you’re a great leader and team member, so you’re doing all the right things, but how do you know whether your team is actually feeling psychologically safe? Use these ten statements below to measure the psychological safety…
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The Benefits of Psychological Safety

The tangible benefits of building psychological safety in your organisation range from improved innovation, better ideas, and products that thrill your customers, through to reduced risk of failures, breaches, and non-compliance.