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Psychological Safety Slack Community

psychological safety slack community

One of the recipients of the Psychological Safety Newsletter got in touch this week to suggest we launch a Psych Safety community, where we can all share ideas, best practices, workshops, and ask for help and support each other. The newsletter is a bit “one-way” in communication, and the best communication goes both ways 🙂

We thought a community was a fantastic idea, so here it is – the Psych Safety Slack Community! Join by clicking on this invite link:

Go and introduce yourself on #intros. Tell us about yourself!
Update your profile with a photo. Land other essential facts in your profile. We’re all humans here 🙂

We’re working on a Code of Conduct. Please help us create it.

Explore the channels. There are a number of them and we’d like to grow them. You can also create channels if you think we need one on a particular subject. Announce your newly created channel on #new-channels.

Everyone is welcome to contribute regardless of experience or confidence. All ideas and perspective are valid. Equally, if you want to hang back and silently read the conversations, that’s cool too.

We expect that we’ll treat others with respect. We encourage debate; we ask for patience, and we remind you that you’re here to learn and that means being open to a diverse set of ideas.

This Slack is not a place for commercial activity (e.g. recruiting, or marketing your product/conference) except in channels dedicated to that purpose and never in an unsolicited direct message. If you are just here to sell things and not contribute and learn, the community will notice quickly. If you see commercial behaviour going down, alert the @admins, and we’ll address it.

If you know someone who should be here, invite them from Slack with the /invite command or share the invite link:

This community is young and evolving. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving it, email or contact admins in the community.

We look forward to greeting you in our community!

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