Psychological Safety Training

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Psychological Safety Training and Workshops

Contact me to find out more about training and workshops to help you:

  • Build psychological safety in your teams or organisations.
  • Measure and survey psychological safety across your organisation or within teams.
  • Create organisation-wide plans for improving and maintaining psychological safety.
  • Skill up your managers to become confident and competent in delivering psychological safety workshops and training.
  • Excite your leadership and management teams about the benefits of psychological safety.
  • Use and apply the Psychological Safety Action Pack with teams to measure, build and maintain psychological safety

Available training sessions include:

  • Ignite” sessions to introduce the topic and build enthusiasm for taking it further and/or developing a full programme. 1-2 hours. Target audience: senior leadership, boards, management teams.
  • Team workshop sessions to learn about psychological safety as well as experiencing one or more psychological safety exercises, to build psychological safety in the group. Duration 2-5 hours. Target audience: new and existing teams (3-20 people).
  • “Train the trainer” sessions. Based around the Action Pack, with additional content and practices to enable participants to carry out workshops, training sessions and run entire organisational programmes themselves. Duration: 3-5 hours (potentially split into multiple sessions). Target audience: experienced trainers, managers or people enthusiastic to learn how to facilitate psychological safety training and workshops.
  • “Deep dive” psychological safety sessions: for the enthusiasts and the geeks. We dive into the concepts, applications, theory, as well as learning organisations, resilience engineering and more. 2-4 hours. Target audience: anyone with an existing understanding of psychological safety and and associated topics.

1-1 coaching and mentoring sessions and programs are also available, and if there’s something you need that isn’t listed, get in touch and we’ll see what we can put together!

Email to have a chat, find out more and discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.